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About Janet Richards, BS, MS, CPT, LMT, FST

My business philosophy is to help every client be in the best physical condition they can be in, after objectively evaluating their abilities, strengths and limitations. I offer highly tailored services that meets their needs. Honesty and frankness are the cornerstones of my operating philosophy. I help clients improve overall health and well being by alleviating pain and reducing stress. No one is ever pushed into a cookie cutter program. My goal is to enhance the quality of life for those who want to live life the best they can. I will help you heal, strengthen and live a better quality of life.

My name is Janet Richards and I have been working in the fitness field for 25 years. I started out as an athletic trainer, then added  massage therapy and Kinesio taping. I have become a certified FST practitioner. Fascial Stretch Therapy is used by many pro athletes to extend the life of their sport. Recently I implemented the Cadillac Reformer for strengthening the core and post rehab therapy exercise.