• “Janet has been my personal trainer for many years. I have benefited greatly from all her services – from Kinesio taping to FST. In fact, the only relief from pain that I could get pre-surgery for a rotator cuff tear was from the FST, which she practices with great skill. Because of my work with her, I am in really good shape –  so much so, that post surgery recovery took half the time it was thought to take. I unequivocally recommend Janet for any and all of the services she offers. She’s the best!”

  • “I am a middle aged weight lifter who has maintained the poundage’s in his lifts over the years while experiencing a linear decline in the range of motion in my lifts.  With decreasing mobility came increasing pain and discomfort which I thought I had to accept.  Since I have been getting regular fascial stretch therapy from Janet my range of motion has increased and my pain and discomfort has decreased – both significantly.  There is no ‘maybe’ about it; there is a definite cause-effect correlation between my regular fascial stretch therapy sessions with Janet and my increased range of motion in all areas and a significant decrease in pain and discomfort.  I feel 20 years younger.” – Mike

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