Core Body Training

When injury or trauma occurs the connective tissue is effected and impinges anything that is passing through it. With the proper techniques these restrictions can be eliminated allowing our bodies to return to it’s natural state of well being.

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Core Body Training


  • One-on-one personal training
  • Semi-private
  • Sports training for teams and small groups
  • Training using weights, Bozu, Core Board, ladder, Bungee cord, Bands, Jump rope, Bench, Steps, Core exercises

Many people suffer from chronic pain that stem from years of living with injury and trauma, and our bodies begin to compensate as a result. Muscular and Facial restrictions as they begin to tighten pull our bodies out of alignment with a force of up to 2000 pounds per square inch creating intense pressure on our musculoskeletal and nervous systems. When injury or trauma occurs the connective and supporting tissue is effected and impinges anything and everything that is passing through it. With the proper techniques these restrictions can be eliminated allowing our bodies to unwind and return to it’s natural state of well being.


Why would I want to use a personal trainer?

Simply put, personal training is the fastest, most eective and most legitimate weight loss and fitness optimization strategy available. In 3–6 one-hour sessions with a well regarded personal training team, people learn more about proper nutrition and exercise than they could learn reading 10 books or exercising on their own for years.

You will also minimize your risk of injury by learning proper technique right from the start rather than through experience. Your workout sessions will be tailored to meet your personal needs and goals. You will never be fit into a template. You will get a workout as intense as you can handle in a fixed period of time. While other people are talking, fussing, and taking too much time between sets, you will get the same intense workout in the same set amount of time. There will be no workout ‘creep’ where your workouts consume more time while becoming less effective. I will keep your body challenged and your progress constant.

How do I get started?

You make an initial appointment where we discuss your abilities, limitations and goals. An individual plan is established with set dates for achieving your goals. From there, I guide you through the workouts and counsel you on your diet.

Will there be other people working out during our sessions?

Yes. Although Vision Fitness has five locations, all key clubs, other people will likely be in the gym. The Vision Fitness Centers are not crowded. Vision Fitness Centers are not beauty studios, the clientele are ordinary people that you would see anywhere.

How long is each Session?

Typically, one hour. Due to the constant intensity of most sessions that is usually more than enough for most people.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably and be prepared to sweat. All Vision Fitness Centers have comfortable showering and dressing facilities.

I feel a little bit nervous about getting started. I’ve never done anything like this

Many new clients felt that way—it’s completely okay. What I find is after we meet you feel comfortable with the training approach. I’m guided by a simple passion for helping people – I thrive by educating clients and designing programs that take them well beyond their goals, beyond what they ever thought was possible. I’m here to support you and bring out your best health, fitness and body. That’s my promise and commitment to you.


You should be well hydrated and have at least 2 hours since your last meal. You don’t want to train on a full stomach. Expect to sweat. You can expect that muscles will be shaky and weak after your first few sessions. Expect to have muscle soreness. This could go on for 2-3 weeks if you are not accustomed to strenuous activity. You can expect to gain muscle mass and lose body fat. After the initial shock of physical activity has passed, you can expect an increase in your metabolic rate, higher levels of energy, an improved disposition, and deeper sleep.

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